Eco-Label Preparation

Eco-Label Preparation

The EU Eco-Label System is defined by a series of European Regulations, through specific compliance criteria that companies should meet for the products and/or services they provide, in order to limit their environmental impact throughout their life cycle, without significantly affecting their functionability. The Eco-label System is optional, it results in the award of an Eco-label and aims to promote environmentally friendly products and services.

The most significant reasons why a company chooses to label its products and/or services with the Eco-label are:

  • To prove the good environmental performance of its products/services
  • To strengthen its position in comparison to its competitors
  • To be easily identified by the consumers
  • To attract consumers who are aware of environmental issues
  • To contribute to the global effort to reduce the planet’s environmental burden

The process of a company’s compliance with the criteria of the Eco-label that ends at the awarding of the label, includes the following phases:

  • Identify the ecological criteria and environmental requirements that are related to the products/services of the company
  • Assess the level of compliance of products or services with the required ecological criteria
  • Determine any deviations
  • Plan and implement actions to correct these deviations
  • Prepare and submit the technical dossier and apply for the label