In R³ Knowledge we have succeeded in becoming the trusted partner and specialist consultant for companies that ask our guidance in issues regarding sustainability, climate, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and waste management. Our goal is to cooperate with our customers and assist them to establish the principles of sustainability in their corporate activity and through that to achieve economic development.

Our vision is a future society in which the waste streams will no longer hold severe impacts for the environment and the society. This could be achieved by developing economic opportunities that respect the needs of the future generations.

Our mission is to help businesses and society recognize these opportunities.

With our in-depth knowledge, experience and innovative tools and solutions, we offer comprehensive consulting solutions in areas such as Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declaration and Carbon Footprint Calculation, so as by recognizing the needs of our customers, to be able to assist them into applying the principles of Circular Economy and Sustainable Development in their corporate activities, while providing them with the equipment to gain substantial financial and business benefits.